Wear these for better sleep!

Looking for ways to improve your quality of sleep? Maybe you’ve tried taking melatonin or perhaps cutting out caffeine, but have you tried wearing amber-colored glasses for a few hours before bed? It sounds a little gimmicky, I’ll admit, but the logic and research behind wearing amber-colored glasses to improve sleep quality is convincing.  Here’s the logic: Exposure to light… Read more →

calories burned during crossfit

3 Benefits of Boron

I’ve recently discovered boron – a little known trace element that has some amazing health benefits. Boron is essential for plant life and appears to have important roles in animal life as well. Unfortunately, today’s soil is largely depleted of boron, which may indicate a need for dietary boron supplementation. There are at least three ways boron can benefit human… Read more →

Boron for Testosterone

In a previous post we wrote that boron was potentially harmful for human health. After further research, it appears that boron might actually provide a number of health benefits, including a boost in testosterone. Wait, boron is good for testosterone levels? I thought it was toxic. As with so many other nutrients, boron isn’t an all or nothing nutrient when it comes… Read more →

Best Cardio For Weight Loss

We can help you discover the best cardio for weight loss. The best option for you will depend on several factors: heart rate, enjoyment, and load-bearing. Best cardio for weight loss based on heart rate: Heart rate is one of the most important considerations for losing weight with cardiovascular exercise. Research indicates that the fat-burning zone is between 50-60% of your maximum heart… Read more →

cord blood banking

Cord Blood Banking

Genetic research is opening new possibilities for regenerative medicine. I was curious about banking my baby’s cord blood, and this is what I discovered.. What is cord blood? Cord blood is simply blood that remains in a baby’s umbilical cord and placenta after birth. What makes cord blood special is the type of cells it contains. Since babies grow from one cell into a… Read more →